DeMolay Advisor Development Training Program

A completely revamped, updated, fast-paced and relevant Advisor Training program will be offered this year. The newly designed program has been intensified to make sure the attendee more than gets his time- and money's-worth. The program is designed to engage advisors of all levels of experience, but is particularly aimed at the younger, newer members of your advisory council.

All potential DeMolay Advisors must complete the DeMolay Advisor Development (DAD) training program in order to be eligible for registration as an approved adult worker. The training is also available to parents or others interested in a better working knowledge of the DeMolay program. Oklahoma DeMolay makes every effort to make this training available to local Chapters on request, and schedules DAD Trainings to coincide with State events

All levels of the DeMolay Advisor Development Training Program are open to potential advisors, parents, adult volunteers, Senior DeMolays, and active DeMolays 18 years of age and over.

For more information contact the Director of Advisor Training:

Mike Branson
13518 E. McElroy
Glencoe, OK 74032
(405) 377-2748
(405) 612-5347

Special DAD trainings can be scheduled locally to meet your Chapter's needs. For details, contact the Director of DAD Training.